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Last updated: 27 October, 2012

This website is dedicated to the analysis of OttIX's operations, from tracking BGP routes over the long term to the more mundane tracking of interface counters. This page contains pointers to other monitoring tools that the OttIX community will find useful. Much of this information is also used in various research aspects, such as the stability of routing tables and multicast session discovery.

Monitoring Tools

Testing Tools

There are number of tools available at the IX that folks can try out for testing purposes. Many of these tools have their origins in the research network world, where concerns related to large bandwidths in WANs could make all the difference to an application. Many of these tools are also useful for trouble-shooting return-trip times and such. All tools are written with a client-server model in mind, where you as the user run the client version against a remote server version. Here are a few that OttIX supports:

One of the original tools developed for throughput testing. Port 5001: TCP. Port 5002: UDP. Port 5003: IPv6 TCP.
nuttcp and HOWTO
nuttcp was developed by the US Navy as part of their answer to Iperf. Port 5004: TCP. Port 5005: data.

Stats for the OttIX Switches - C3524XL

This switch provides connectivity for the servers on the OttIX Services LAN. - C6509

OttIX Routers

Total OttIX Bandwidth

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